The ChiroThin Weight Loss Program

Designed and Supervised by Doctors!
ChiroThin Kawartha Family Chiropractic Clinic

Do you want to...

Lose 20-40 in just 42 days?!

Fit into clothes you haven't fit into in years?

Feel more alive, sleep better, have more energy, have people tell you how well you look?

Prevent heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver, cognitive decline, slow down the aging process and so many more serious health issues facing us today?

Possibly reduce or eliminate medications that you thought you would require for the rest of your life?!

If this interests you, then you need to have a consultation with Dr. Thomson and his staff! Our favorite program is called the Chirothin program. A safe & effective, doctor supervised weight loss regime, but we also have several other Intermittent Fasting/Eating (scheduled eating) strategies to boost your health, vitality and longevity!

Call (705) 743-5121 and book your complimentary consultation and see if you are a candidate.